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Simelia Eugene is a Philanthropist, Community Developer, Speaker, Transformation Strategist & Mentor, and a savvy businesswoman with a passion to inspire lives of disadvantaged women and their families. She’s a conduit of revolutionary change and pioneer who uses her innate ability to empower, motivate, and influence women to pursue their endeavors in life and provide resources that will allow them to cultivate every opportunity. She believes in creating a world where women have access to educational resources, are empowered with the resources to be financially independent, and are not victims of their circumstances. 
Simelia uses wining strategies to teach women and their families how to follow their dreams and goals while strategically aligning community resources to create stability. She is the President and CEO of Called To Inspire You 501© Nonprofit Organization and she is the Owner and Certified Life & Professional Coach for Transformational Coaching Solutions LLC. 
Simelia is a proud graduate of Miami Dade College where she earned her Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Supervision & Management. Simelia continued her education and earned a Master’s Degree in International Business at Florida International University. 
While she works in the marketplace as a professional, she also manages to pursue her passions. Simelia has worked as a Philanthropist and Community Developer for 14 years, serving the needs of disadvantage women and families in her local community. 


Simelia has published Transform My Life to add to her resume. The book is a 12-Week interactive membership program that you can virtually be a part of anywhere in the world. The course is designed to CHANGE your life in less than one year. This program and companion workbook will give you strategies coupled with resources you need to TRANSFORM your mindset, life, finances, relationships, business, and help you to embrace and walk in your PURPOSE.

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